Dining Precinct

Mall of Oman will become Muscat’s premier dining experience, with its cluster of semi-formal and formal restaurants and Cafés surrounded by carefully sculpted landscaping, cascading water features and crystal clear pools.

Such designs will maximise the feel of outdoor terrace dining, with unrestricted views across the courtyard, and an interactive pedestrian path allowing access from the mall to the parking. A range of the leading food and beverage brands will offer both light snacks and more leisurely lunches, catering to families and children.

• Collection of smart casual and full dining restaurants
• Independent tenancy designers
• High street F&B brands
• Externalised and weather protected seating pockets.
• Lively and interactive pedestrian path
• Family friendly
• Ease in access from car parking and pedestrian traffic
• Unrestricted views across Courtyards


Casual Dining

A deconstructed layout concept set over two levels with its expansive views down to the snow park. The space will capture the excitement of friendly dining and the experiential seating pockets will transform the traditional dining set up, while the food theatre of live preparations and demonstrations will be a feast for the eyes.

The space will house some of the most well-known international dining brands, allowing ample chance to experiment. It will also provide a seamless transition from the shopping experience to the sounds and tastes of a true dining hub. With its expansive views down to the snow park, it will typify the integrated structure of the mall to truly immerse the senses.

• Curated collection of fast and casual dining
• Vertical statement
• View into the snow park
• Diversity of cuisines
• Family friendly
• Dedicated seating pockets
• Multi level food experience
• Food theatre



Food Court

An ultra-modern food court, its ‘fast casual’ dining outlets will smash expectations of the traditional food court. While the concept will welcome all ages, it has a particular appeal to a younger demographic; a place to catch up with friends, try new menus and relax. With its deconstructed layout and varying designs, this unique food court setup will typify the integrated structure of the mall to truly immerse the senses.

• De-constructed layout
• Volumes sales approach
• Familiar brands, QSR majors and national brands
• Experiential seating pockets
• Catering to the taste of Millennials
• Differentiated tenancy designs
• Alignment with leisure and entertainment